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Brandon Lee

Percussion Instructor

Brandon started his music journey as a kid, first starting off on piano. Throughout his journey, he expanded to guitar, mandolin, and violin. Once it was time to start school band, Brandon decided to take up percussion and drum sets. After highschool, he went on to continue his music and McKendree University & continued to get his masters from Butler University.

Colin Scott

Cello Instructor

Colin has many years as a cellist. Being self taught and going to college for performance, Colin has the skills and knowledge of the cello and has great ideas on how cello should be taught.

Evan Klein

Piano & Guitar Instructor

Born and raised in Michigan, Evan is now a Los Angeles based musician, who specializes in piano and guitar. He has been a musician for about 5 years and learned by using Youtube himself. He works as a therapist for children and teaches kids the piano in his free time. He loves R&B, rock, and blues and is excited to share his musical knowledge with you all!

Reesa Myers

Flute & Alto Sax Instructor

Reesa has been playing flute since 1998 & alto saxophone since 2003. She's attended many band camps, all state honor bands, and had a full ride to CSU-Pueblo. Now she's passionate about making music education more accessible. 

Rick Nolting

Tenor Sax Instructor

Rick Nolting has been playing saxophone and teaching saxophone as a private teacher and as a high school band director for many years. Rick is very passionate about reed instruments and making music education more accessible. 

Musician's Addition's School

Learn online with Musician's Addition
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